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MicMol WiFi Control APP represents a fundamental redesign of lighting control. From the devices manage and lighting effect setting, every detail has been thoughtfully considered. MicMol's light has always been a uniquely product. And now it’s even more powerful.

Wi-Fi Controller Overview
Connection Guide

Only Support 2.4G Router

Input correct Wi-Fi Password

Turn on the Permission

Wait for device...

Connect User Manual
App Icon Introduce


Devices Manage

Auto Mode

Manual Mode

Effect - Acclimation

Effect - Lunar

Effect - Lightning

Effect - Cloudy

Other Devices - Cooling Fan


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How to Upgrade Firmware

Please download the newest app and upgrade the firmware to Version V1.1.XX.

MicMol App > Settings > Upgrade Firmware > Check new Version > Upgrade Now. (Show the Newest Version V1.1.XX)

Important Information before Upgrade:
  1. Please ungroup all the devices, the device list can only save one device and make it connected to you phone if you want to upgrade the firmware.
  2. Connect the device, make sure your Phone is connected the network which for download the new firmware.
  3. The App need time to transfer data, please wait and don’t touch or quit the App when the firmware under upgrading, or will destroy the device.

Note: If you do not operate the app for a long time, you need to quit the App to reconnect.






Video Tutorials

  1. Connect Wi-Fi Controller to Phone

    Published 20th May 2020
  2. MicMol App Introduce

    Published 10th May 2020
  3. How to Upgrade Firmware

    Published 14th Sep 2020

Troubleshoot for Connection Issue

  1. Check if input the wrong Wi-Fi password.(Enter MicMol App: Settings>Networks> Update the password.)
  2. Quit the MicMol App completely before plug the power adapter.
  3. Check if the MicMol App have the permission to Get Location info. Andriod: Settings>Manages Apps>MicMol App>Permissions>Get Location Info> Choose “Accept”.

    IOS: Settings>MicMol App>Location> Choose “While Using the App” or “Always”.

  4. Move the Wi-Fi Controller more closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  5. Check if your Phone turn ON the VPN services, turn OFF and try again.
  6. Check if the router user is full or restrict to adding new user, clear or offline some devices, turn off the restrict of user adding.
  7. Check if the router turn ON the parental control, which will restrict to add new user.
  8. The Wi-Fi Controller only support 2.4G, not for 5G wireless router.

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