Smart Controller Overview

The iMOS 4.0 Smart Controller is whole new design from inside and outside, building the 2.4G broadcaster, one controller connect and control more devices. There are 4 channels and 6 time points good for diversified settings. Expand plug adapt more special devices. HD OLED display, more clear and easy to read.

Auto Mode Overview

There are 6 time points for each channels of A, B, C, D, easy to set timer. And all the channels can be adjust the intensity for each time points. The control system will gradually ramp the intensity of LED between set points.

Note: If select "ALL" to set, then all the channels will overwrite as the "ALL" settings.

Linkage Mode (Broadcaster & Receiver)

Broadcaster (Father): Use one controller as the Broadcaster to control the other controller direclty.

Signal: There are 9 signals optional, so you can setup 9 controller as Broadcaster to pairing.

Note: Turn on the Broadcaster will show the channel signal number on home screen.

Receiver (Child): Switch to Receiver will connect automatically when another controller turn on Broadcaster.

Signal: The controller Home Screen will only show “Receiver” and the Pairied Signal number.

Note: The 2.4G antenna signal covers is about 5 square meters, unavailable wall penetrating.

Expand Plug

The Expand plug which are adapt for more devices such as Cooling Fan, Pump, Valve, Skimmer etc. You can use the timer to turn the expand devices ON/OFF easily, the power is available to adjust the speed for fan, intensity for lights and energy for valve.

System Settings

Set Clock: Set the controller time as your local time.

Languages: There are two languages optional “English” and “Chinese”

24 HOUR: You can switch 24 HOUR or AM/PM mode as you like.

Factory Reset: Reset all settings as default once your system got some chaos.

Let's go, start your smart LED aquarium lighting now.