Safety & Energy Saving
Quick Operation
Modular Function
Easy Maintenance


Invisible Touch Switch, Elegant & Safe
Food Grade PC material, Hard to Brake
Light Transmittance Over 96%
Anti-UV, Never turn Yellow or Deform
Dynamic Balance Rotor Filtration Pump
Full-Spectrum Fantasy LED Lighting

The tank bottom is designed with a spiral gravity sewage collection structure, circulating grille, quickly equalizing water temperature with flow, triple flow, sedimentation and collection of waste to the drain pipe, easy drainage, Maintain stable water quality and ecological balance even if the water is not changed for a long time.


Plant pot, separate from the body, no affection to the water, fit for variety plants.

Carrying cover, relieve water evaporation, block dust, independent feeding port, easy to use.

Back board, lifting design, easy for scaping and cleaning. expanding holes, not only can increase equipment and landscape, but also hide equipment for beauty.

Shock-absorbing anti-skid pad at the bottom of the tank, for stable and sound proof.

Dynamic balance rotor filtration pump´╝î100CM head, 180L water flow per hour. 3mins for one cycle filtration. With independent design sponge room, can easily achieve the water as an air tank. Operation with low voltage, quiet, only 20dB, scalable & detachable, energy saving, easy maintenance. Full-spectrum LED, avoid staring directly into the LED lights. 4 color light modes for option Fantasy lighting atmosphere.

Product Information

Model: MM-AP-4

Size: 170*170*320mm

Capacity: 4.3L

Net Weight: 1.26KG

Voltage: 5V-2A

Package Size: 185*185*336mm

Material: ABS - Polycarbonate

Whats in the box

Aqua Pod - Desk Aquarium Tank
Planter Pot
Background (White)
Filter Pump (Inside)
Power Cable

User Manual